What if the long feared Zombie outbreak was already upon us, but these ghouls in sheep’s clothing were almost impossible to spot with the untrained eye?

This basic idea got the wheels spinning on what was soon to become the online web comic, “The Portland Underground.” Created by longtime writer and and Zombie fanatic Daniel VanderMolen, the premise quickly progressed from quirky concept to full blown project. After searching long and hard to find an artist who shared his vision for the project, VanderMolen was lucky enough to come in contact with comic virtuoso Chris Kohler. Together, the two hashed out specifics, developed a folklore, and in no time at all a collaboration was born!

With an emphasis on creative freedom, the comic is housed online in a serialized format. Each Friday a new strip is unveiled as part of an ongoing story regarding the impending Zombie Apocalypse of the Pacific Northwest. A little bit scary, frequently funny, and decidedly gory, “The Portland Underground” aims to show what many of us are too afraid to admit: the Zombies are already amongst us…