Chris Kohler

Comics, and the creation of such, have been an obsession for most of my life.

Many years had been spent trying to be the next John Byrne (or at least, the next Sal Buscema…) while floundering for some sort of direction and style to go along with the passion. Several more years were spent doing everything *but* drawing.

Finally at age 30, there was a synergy between the discipline required in order to draw and the joy felt due to drawing. Since then, a couple hundred pages of comics or so have been born between short stories for small press groups such as Hidden Agenda Press and Approbation Comics.

Synergy struck again when I made one of my occasional browses through Craigslist’s local Art ad section and found Daniel’s post, inquiring about a comic artist/illustrator for his zombie webcomic. I found the story concept desirable and felt that it fit right into my stylistic wheelhouse, as well as liking the idea of an ongoing project to be distributed primarily online.

As with any comic project, I hope to improve in all phases of comic art I work with (layouts, inking, occasional lettering). I expect that over time the style in which I work will change as my ‘inking legs’ adapt to the ongoing story, hopefully for the better!